SEO Custom Websites for Lawyers

We would love the opportunity to discuss a website marketing program for your Houston based law firm. Our main goal is to create a marketing program that maximizes ROI. Marketing websites for attorneys requires a great deal of time, resources, and energy. The competition is fierce because it’s worth it to be at the top. There are no quick fixes or a magic software program that will do it. We have marketing solutions for most budgets and would like to do a free evaluation of your current website. After our evaluation, we will determine what we can do to help improve your website rank and marketing.

Local Search Targeting

The first step is the interview; it is a questionnaire that gives us a better understanding of your business, geographic coverage, target audience, and more. We do this because blanket marketing strategies are too broad to yield quality traffic to your site. If your a criminal defense attorney, we market you with that specialty to generate quality traffic. If you’ve already tried sending out postcards or letters, you know that blanket strategies don’t work well. Most of our customers have completely done away with postcards and letters. We’ll show you how to make money from internet marketing.

The Science of Website Design and Marketing

Your website is designed from the ground up to optimize your opportunities in Google. Some elements include:

  • Streamlined graphics and code to ensure fast load times
  • Server redundancy and load balancing to prevent downtime.
  • Titles, descriptions, and keywords optimized to help you get noticed in the search engines.
  • Exclusive and proprietary website content
  • Site map added to numerous search engines and directories to drive traffic to your website.

Keyword Strategies

Paid placement in the search engines can quickly generate quality traffic. In order to have an effective keyword campaign, we choose a combination of the keywords using proprietary tools and research methods. It is an art as well as a science to get the right combination of keywords. Our years of experience and tenacity will get you the traffic you deserve.