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Logo Houston is Houston’s top logo and graphic design company with a history of great customer service and support. When creating a brand, your digital and print design need to be consistent and focused.   We are one of the few graphic design firms that consistently excel in logo design, web design and internet marketing. We save our clients time and they appreciate that they only have to explain their goals to one company instead three.

Great Customer Service

We pride ourselves in providing great customer service.  Our dedication to customer service means clients have direct contact with the designer and the owner during the entire process.  Logo Houston does not outsource customer support or design. We welcome clients to email or call to discuss their projects at any time.

Logo Design

We have more the 20 years of experience designing custom logos for Houston businesses. Our services include corporate logo design, cartoon logo design and brand management. We’ve created logos for all industries – banks, real estate, restaurants, retail, salons, construction, healthcare, lawyers, doctors and more. Call 281-732-3435 for a FREE quote.

Logo Portfolio

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Graphic Design Process

Your company logo is the first opportunity to make an impression on a prospective customer. From concept to finished design, a professional logo should immediately identify the products and services you offer. When we design a company logo we provide multiple designs to choose from. All logo designs are created in multiple stages that allow our customers to provide input leading up to the final design. During the first round, you select the best elements to be incorporated into the second round of concepts.  We then fine tune the logo that you selected into the final logo design. We provide up to 100 revisions as a safety net for logo design projects.  No customer has ever used 100, but its there if you need it.

Our main goal is to design a logo that appeals to your target audience. We carefully consider the use of fonts, shape, and color in order to create your perfect custom logo.  During the entire process, we provide our client with design concepts and keep them informed. Our clients appreciate that we are a full service logo design firm and replace the need for in-house graphic design. For new businesses, we can provide branding services, product naming services and company naming services.

Brand Management

We specialize in taking your logo from print to real world applications.  From start to finish, we make your brand stand out from the pack. Better design equals real dollars for your business and adds to brand recognition.

Brand Portfolio

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