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Nanotechnology, it may be bigger than Texas itself.

Logo Houston is proud to design logos for the medical, pharmaceutical, and technology industry. Our latest project features a new start up in the Nanotechnology industry. Nanotechnology is the area of creating complex devices or machines that are capable of performing a useful function.

Can you imagine a complex machine that is smaller than 1/10th the width of a human hair. In the world of Biotechnology a device like this would be extraordinarily non-invasive. The applications for such devices are endless. A pill could contain thousands of these devices, all performing different tasks or working as groups within the body. Groups of devises could be used to safeguard patients during a complex surgical procedures where there are too many variables are at play. Any one Nano monitor could alert a doctor to a life-threatening issue with the patient. Instead of monitoring the most likely threats to a patient, there would be 1000 different monitors simultaneously calculating risks to a patient. These types of safeguard procedures would provide a new level of protection to the patient, lower costs of health care, and be much less invasive to the patient.

If your business is seeking investors or start up capital, a corporate image will only help your chances of getting funding. It is always necessary to present yourself in the most professional way possible. Call today to speak with a logo design expert.


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